The Perfect Teacher Bag That Gives Back!

I can’t believe it, we are back at school! Teachers-y’all are superheroes, and I want to thank you for everything you do…and I mean EVERYTHING!

Remember when we were students in school, when back-to-school season came around, you would walk the aisles of different stores to find a new backpack for the year? That was honestly one of my favorite parts of back-to-school shopping!

Being a teacher is not too different, and I wanted a new bag for the new year! I am the person who would walk into school with 37 different bags hanging from my arms. With every teacher bag I got, I ended up still needing more room and still walking into school with several bags. When I received this Vera Bradley Recycled Cotton Campus Backpack, everything changed! I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize a backpack as a teacher bag is the way to go! I can fit my laptop, planner, lunchbox, water bottle, and any other items I find myself throwing in my bag. This backpack is also way easier on my back since it’s crafted with comfort and functionality in mind with extra padding. It’s even endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (a win for my scoliosis) and it has honestly been a game-changer!

On top of this backpack being so useful, cute, and spacious, this backpack gives back! With the help of its customers, Vera Bradley is donating $100,000 to their longstanding partner, Blessings in a Backpack. This is an organization that ensures no child goes hungry by providing meals to young students to help set them up for a successful school year. One of the effects of Covid-19 has been a rise in unemployment, which has led to an increase in childhood hunger. It is now projected that 18 million children in the U.S. are experiencing food insecurity. If we break that down, that means 1 in 4 children are struggling with access to food. You can help this cause by simply purchasing a Vera Bradley Backpack! It really is a win-win situation. You get a fashionable and functional teacher bag while giving back! #PackItWithPurpose #sponsored

Here’s to a successful and safe school year!



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