My Journey To The Classroom

If I’m being completely truthful, creating a blog scares the heck out of me. I want my blog to be a platform for honesty and authenticity. A place where people can go and relate, empathize, laugh, and share. No sugar-coating. So…I’m starting my blog with the real truth.

Insecurities, doubts, fears, whatever you want to call them have been filling my mind with ideas…ideas that I don’t have good enough content and that I’m not a good enough writer. I’ve thought, “Who would even want to read my blog?” But if I teach my students to get rid of their uncertainty and focus on their potential, I’m going to lead by example. So here I am, overcoming those thoughts and just going for it! Thanks for joining me on this journey!

The way I got into the classroom is so crazy and totally a God thing. I was living in Florida, working at PF Chang’s as a server with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology…it was so not my forte. I remember my first night serving, I spilled all four of the waters I brought out all over the table and on some of the guests. (I am laughing just thinking about that.) I was also working at a counseling office as an office assistant because I thought I wanted to make that my career.

Then about a year and a half ago, my husband and I moved to Georgia, and I needed to find a job. I was firm on not going back to the restaurant industry because #shakyhands. And I couldn’t find a counseling gig. I was talking about trying to find a job when one of my friends suggested being a substitute. I thought about how subs were treated when I was in school and that almost scared me from trying. But I was desperate for a job-I absolutely hate staying at home without having something to do-so I applied and started substituting at various schools. I thought I was going to LOVE teaching elementary and quickly realized that was not the case. I felt like I was babysitting and could NOT handle the unnecessary crying and tattling. (Haven’t they ever heard snitches get stitches?!)

So I started picking up more middle school assignments, and I fell in love with that age group! It became very apparent to me that 6th grade was my jam. I picked up a sub assignment for 2 days…or so I thought. The teacher ended up never returning. I was there for about a month when they said they were going to look for a long-term sub. I didn’t have my teaching certification, and I didn’t go to school for education, so it made sense. The principal came to all of my classes to explain what was happening. When he was explaining to them, some of the students spoke up and said, “Why can’t Mrs. Marte just do it?!” Then more students chimed in, begging and pleading that I stay. (I’m not going to lie-remember “a blog of honesty”-I wanted to personally hug and thank all of them.) The next morning I was called into the principal’s office and asked to stay as a long-term sub. I immediately started studying for the tests I would need to take, in order to be eligible to apply for the job. So, I did my best at finishing the year and was hired before the year ended. And that’s how I got into the classroom I’m in today as a 6th grade Earth and Space Science teacher. Crazy. Unreal. I couldn’t have landed this job on my own. That’s how I know it was God.

I consider this year my “first official” year because last year, I was just trying to act like I knew what I was doing. And to be completely honest, I am LOVING it! Most people say your first year of teaching is the hardest, but I’ve been having the time of my life! Of course I have difficult days, and my kids act like they don’t have any common sense sometimes, but I honestly feel like I have found my passion.

If you’re still reading this, God bless you. So here’s a couple pictures of my classroom. It’s changed a bit since the beginning of the year, but you get the idea!


What’s your teaching journey? I’d love to hear!




“She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished. How beautiful it was that she always chose herself.” Tyler Kent White

Learning how to embody this quote each and every day.



4 thoughts on “My Journey To The Classroom

  1. Welcome to WordPress! I follow you on Instagram as well as have a blog here. Teaching is a calling and it sounds like you’ve been called. God has a way of making His plan be the only plan! He is so good that way!


  2. I love all your posts! I teach 6th grade science too! I have similar tables that you have and was wondering what kind of marker you used to label them. Love the idea! Thanks!


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