Merge Cube in the Digital World we are. It's the 2020-21 school year, and my school is starting completely digital. All of our students will be learning virtually, and the teachers at my school are reporting to the building and teaching from our classrooms. When I heard the news, I was relieved but also disappointed. ~It's okay to be both.~… Continue reading Merge Cube in the Digital World

Connecting With My Students During Digital Learning

Never in a million years would I have imagined this is how I would be ending my 4th year learning. And not JUST digital learning. Digital learning because of a pandemic. I first want to say that teachers are literal heroes. Around the globe, teachers are providing students an education through a screen with… Continue reading Connecting With My Students During Digital Learning

Cosmic Crisp® & My Washington Experience

I have the AMAZING opportunity to partner with Cosmic Crisp® and be an ambassador for the launch of their apple! Cosmic Crisp® is a classically bred apple that is a cross between "Enterprise" and Honey Crisp". This apple will be in stores in DECEMBER! What does it mean to be an ambassador? "Each of our… Continue reading Cosmic Crisp® & My Washington Experience

My Favorite New Accessory | A Unique Wood Watch by JORD

  Recently, I received a JORD wood watch, and I instantly became obsessed! I love accessorizing, and this has easily become one of my favorite accessories! My watch’s style is Cassia in Zebra and Ivory. The quality of this watch is superb, and I love how unique it is. Here are some reasons why I… Continue reading My Favorite New Accessory | A Unique Wood Watch by JORD

Home Depot: Maker Corner Activity

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. “Water and air, the two essentials fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” Jacques Cousteau I teamed up with Home Depot to complete one of their activities from the Maker Corner. Home Depot has partnered with Discovery Education and provides tons of hands… Continue reading Home Depot: Maker Corner Activity